Business Economics Department

Business economics is a branch of economics that aims to train experts who can study and analyze the economic problems of public and private sector units for the economic growth and development of Afghanistan, economic independence, job creation, curb inflation and analysis. Participate in finding solutions to overcome these problems and work in different levels of economic management of public and private units, as well as gain the necessary scientific strength to continue higher education and gain expertise at higher levels.

The most important subjects taught in business economics are: basics of economics, micro and macroeconomics, economic history, public sector economics, evaluation of economic plans, development economics, money and banking, marketing, accounting, statistics and mathematics


1. Training of professional and specialized staff to improve the economic system

2. Preventing economic crises in the public and private sectors

3. Develop better and more appropriate economic policies to create a healthy and progressive economic system

4. Students’ better awareness of international financial and economic markets and different types of investments

Career future By learning a variety of economic theories, business economics students can work in various economic and commercial institutions and organizations, including the public and private sectors, especially the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Commerce,